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JNTUH BTech I-I Regular/Supply and I-II Supply January/February 2024 Examination Notification

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad (JNTUH) - Examination Branch

Notification for B.Tech. I Year I Sem (R22) Regular/Supply, I-I (R18, R16) Supply, I Year (R15, R13) Supply, and I Year II Sem (R22, R18, R16) Supply Examinations Jan/Feb 2024 - Instructions to Principals

Dear Principals of JNTUH Affiliated and University Colleges (Non-autonomous),

The University Examination Branch notifies the upcoming B.Tech examinations scheduled for January/February 2024. Here are the details for the respective examinations:

  1. B.Tech. I Year I Sem (R22) - Regular/Supplementary Examinations
  2. B.Tech. I Year I Sem (R18, R16) - Supplementary Examinations
  3. B.Tech. I Year (R15, R13) - Supplementary Examinations
  4. B.Tech. I Year II Sem (R22, R18, R16) – Supplementary Examinations

Please adhere to the following schedule for student examination registration:

Exam Registration Schedule:

EventStart DateLast Date
Registration without Late Fee21-12-202303-01-2024
Registration with Late Fee of Rs.100/-04-01-202410-01-2024
Registration with Late Fee of Rs.1000/-11-01-202417-01-2024
Registration with Late Fee of Rs.2000/-18-01-202423-01-2024
Registration with Late Fee of Rs.5000/-24-01-202427-01-2024
Registration with Late Fee of Rs.10000/-28-01-2024Till end of exams*

*Late fee application should be submitted manually with a demand draft.

Before collecting examination materials, ensure the completion of the following:

a. Submission of consolidated fees receipt (Exam Registration fee + part-1 cut slip penalties). b. Submission of year-wise detained lists and condonation lists. c. Submission of a hard copy of the proposed list of observers (minimum of six members). A soft copy should be emailed to the concerned ACE before the specified deadline. d. Submission of clearance certificates where necessary.

Collection of pre-printed Answer booklets and practical OMR answer sheets: 25-01-2024 & 27-01-2024 (Refer to the table below for college-wise schedule)

Other Important Dates:

  • Uploading of Attendance for I-I Regular students: 22-01-2024 (3:00 pm)
  • Detained and Condonation list generation by the University: 24-01-2024
  • DD Report available for Downloading and payment: 24-01-2024
  • Hall-tickets download: 25-01-2024
  • Intimation of discrepancies in answer booklets: 27-01-2024 (in person only)
  • Collection of correct answer booklets for discrepancy cases: 28-01-2024
  • Last dates for uploading Internal marks: 24-01-2024
  • Last dates for uploading external lab marks: 27-01-2024
  • Submission of consolidated Internal and external lab marks (hard copy): 29-01-2024

Amounts retained by colleges (in Rs.):

Year & SemesterB.Tech RegularB.Tech Supplementary
I Year I Sem (R22)250 – 30* + 10** = 230125-18*+10**=117
I Year I Sem (R18, R16)------125-18*+10**=117
I Year (R15, R13)-------156-21*+10**=145
I Year II Sem (R22, R18, R16)-------125-18*+10**=117

*Logistic postal service, ** Hall Ticket charges *** Remuneration for Host center should be calculated as per Lr.DE/JNTUH/EB/Remuneration/Change of center/2012 dt.:26-06-12

I Year I Semester Condonation Fee for each student: Rs. 300/-

Note for Principals:

  • Verify candidate eligibility for examination registrations according to the prescribed academic regulations.
  • Refund examination fees for detained students before the transfer of consolidated fees to the University.
  • Regular students should pay the examination fee only after fulfilling attendance requirements for I Year I Semester.

Examination Fee:

  • I Year I Sem (R22) Regular/Supply, (R18, R16 Supply) & I Year II Sem (R22, R18, R16) Supply:

    • Whole Examination (All Subjects): Rs. 760/-
    • One Subject (Theory/Practical): Rs. 360/-
    • Two Subjects: Rs. 460/-
    • Three Subjects: Rs. 560/-
    • Four Subjects & Above: Rs. 760/-
  • I Year Supply (R15, R13 Regulations):

    • Whole Examination (All Subjects): Rs. 1010/-
    • One Subject: Rs. 360/-
    • Two Subjects: Rs. 460/-
    • Three Subjects: Rs. 560/-
    • Four Subjects: Rs. 660/-
    • Five Subjects & Above: Rs. 1010/-

Important Time Schedule for Exams:

  • Exam Registration:

    • Start Date: 21-12-2023
    • End Date: 03-01-2024 (without late fee)
  • Late Fee Schedule:

    • Rs.100/-: 04-01-2024 to 10-01-2024
    • Rs.1000/-: 11-01-2024 to 17-01-2024
    • Rs.2000/-: 18-01-2024 to 23-01-2024
    • Rs.5000/-: 24-01-2024 to 27-01-2024
    • Rs.10000/-: 28-01-2024 (till end of exams, manual submission with DD)

Note for Students:

Students must contact their Principal for online examination registration, ensuring compliance with the University's registration server from their respective colleges.

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