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Hyderabad engineering college STUDENT COMMITS SUICIDE !


A second year student,  Dinesh reddy from CVSR engineering college, Ghatkesar, has been reported to have committed suicide by jumping from the college building. 
This shocking news has created a frenzy in the college.

According to sources Dinesh Reddy is studying in 2nd Year Mechanical Branch as he was psychologically disturbed person cannot attend college due to the depression problems
which caused attendance problems.
The Student told his problems to Hod to which he Fired on him and called doctor certificates fake !!
to which student become depressed and jumped from the college building itself.

News on NewsPaper( Dont Know How Much True it is ?

Tommorow (24/10/16) the Student's are Conducting a Rally
We only hope the guilty is charged and receives the due punishment. And such mishappenings do not take place in the future!

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