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JNTUH Academic Guidelines for Autonomous Colleges

 JNTU-Hyderabad ( JNTUH ) In recent students transfers from one autonomous college to other autonomous college it has been observed many discrepancies in the course structure, credits, subject titles and the corresponding syllabus that are being followed by various colleges. The result is the merit and genuine students needs to reregister for the same courses when transferred to other colleges. Keeping in view of these, it is here by directed that all the autonomous colleges have to follow the below guide lines while conducting BoS meetings with the approval of JNTUH BoS nominees in all the subjects.

Academic Guidelines to be followed by autonomous colleges under JNTUH as per R22 UG/PG regulations and syllabus:

1. It is mandatory that all the JNTUH nominated faculty from Sciences & Engineering groups shall be present in common BoS meetings.

2. JNTUH nominees shall see that the academic regulations are the same as per JNTUH regulations in terms of total credits semester-wise, subject-wise and group-wise with 20 credits in each semester.

3. The syllabi for Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry etc shall be the same for all branches. There shall not be any reduction in credits for Basic Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences and Engineering Science courses.

4. Notionally, there may be up to 20% deviation in each course content as per R22 course content.

5. Detained list of students due to less internal marks shall he maintained separately (as per R22) in addition to credit detention and attendance detention lists.

6. Colleges are flexible in offering Professional Electives with prerequisite courses, Open Electives, Internship/ Summer Training/ Skill Development Programs related to advancements in emerging areas. Standard core courses relevant to the branch shall he maintained

7. The total no. of credits shall be 160 for B.Tech programs. There is NO exception of credits and no additional credits to be studied for the award of UG/PG degree (for R18 / R22 regulations). Similarly for PG programs as per R22 regulations.

8. Any skill development / certificate programs / placement activities may be conducted beyond regular class hours.

9. Also, AICTE suggest, the relevant content with reference to concerned branch keeping in mind while framing the courses.

10. Semester-wise results processing shall be under the supervision of JNTUH examination branch. A copy of results shall be submitted immediately to the concerned officer to submit to JNTUH for final award of degree. There shall not be any deviation in a copy submitted and final list For award of degree.
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