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JNTUH Guidelines to Conduct of 1st Mid-term Examinations of B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 1-1 Semester and other issues

 JNTUH The Principals of the colleges offering I Year I Sem. B.Tech & B.Pharm courses are informed to follow the same guidelines as specified in our earlier letter (vide ref cited above), for conducting the first midterm examinations of I Year BTech/BPharm courses. Further the following additional guidelines need to be followed:

1) The parent colleges need to identify the host colleges for their students to write the exams, after taking the choices from the students. It is advised to identify one college in each district.

2) The question papers may be sent to host colleges in the encrypted form by mail or printed question papers. If parent colleges prefer to send printed question papers the sufficient number of question papers subject-wise need to be sent to the host colleges. All the question papers of one subject need to be bundled separately and all these bundles of one session need to be kept in one envelope and sealed. Sufficient number of answer booklets are also to be packed for each host college along with the question papers.

3) For this mid examinations of I year B. Tech. & B. Pharm. courses, either Parent Colleges send the stationery to host colleges or Parent College may request the host colleges to issue their pre-printed stationary for writing the midterm examinations. If the host college stationery is used, stationery charges also need to be paid by parent college along with
i) center charges @ Rs.20/- per candidate per subject and
ii) the postal charges of dispatching the used answer scripts to parent colleges. All these charges need to be paid to host colleges directly by the parent colleges.

4) There shall be no arrangement from the University examination branch to dispatch the question papers and stationery to the host colleges. Similarly the used answer booklets need to be sent to the parent colleges directly to their address after completion of last midterm exam.

5) The first midterm examinations of I year B. Tech. shall be conducted from 27-01- 2021; Further on 24-01-2021 and 25-01-2021 class work need to be continued. There shall be two examinations on each day i.e. from 9:30 AM to 10:50AM in the forenoon session and from 1:30PM to 2:50PM in the afternoon session.

6) If sufficient syllabus is not covered for I year I sem. B. Pharm. Course due to late admissions, the I-midterm exams may be differed by a few days. A separate schedule for the upload of B. Pharm. Midterm marks shall be issued.

7) Similarly the midterm examination for Engineering Drawing subject may also be differed and conducted after the commencement of the class work on the campus.

8) The time-tables of the first midterm examinations I year B. Tech.& B.Pharm. courses are already kept at

9) A sizable number of answer booklets of the students who indulged in mass copying have been found by the evaluators while doing spot valuation.Such cases were treated as malpractice by the malpractice committee and the performance of the students in these subjects has been cancelled. Hence it is informed to be extra vigilant while conducting the mid-term exams.

The cooperation of the Principals is highly solicited.
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