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JNTUH Instruction to students of B.Tech R16 Regulation.List of candidates eligible for grace marks, credit exemption with an Undertaking for the issue of PC and CMM

College-wise lists of students who are eligible to apply for 

i) grace marks, 

ii) credit

exemption and 

iii) grace marks followed by credit exemption have been prepared and made

available in the TSheets in the portals of the respective Principals.

 For these three categories, the

students have to fill-up the appropriate undertaking form (to be downloaded from student service

portal) and the Principals have to sign at the appropriate place in the respective forms. 

These forms need to be either printed on the college letter-head / with a separate covering letters from

the Principal enclosing the appropriate form and sent to the office of DE. 

The performance in the

examinations of spell-2, the current spell i.e., spell-3 and/or IV-2 RC, RV & CV, shall be nullified

if they apply for the PC & CMM under any of these three categories. They shall not be permitted

to write any future examinations.

The applications received by forenoon tomorrow (20-11-2020) shall be processed on

priority basis and efforts will be made to issue PC & CMM at the earliest possible date. The

Principals are requested to note the following rules with regard to grace marks and credit

exemption categories.

Those who seek grace marks:

1. A separate form (Form-5) earmarked for this category need to be filled up

2. Marks shall be added up to 10 marks for four year B.Tech course in failed subjects and 7

marks for lateral entry students of B.Tech course (maximum of two subjects).

3. All the semester marks/grade memos from the month/year specified in the list uploaded to

portal today, where the subject(s) have been shown as Fail need to be surrendered along

with the Filled-in Form (with the Principal endorsement) and the selective new

marks/grade memos will be re-issued from the University Examination Branch along with


Those who seek only credit exemption:

1. A separate form (Form-6) earmarked for this category need to be filled up

2. The students who failed in not more than two subjects and credits of the failed subjects is

less than or equal to 6, are only eligible to apply for the credit exemption.

3. The subjects shall be shown as Fail in the CMM but since the student secures 186 credits,

PC & CMM will be issued.

Those who seek both grace marks and credit exemption:

1. A separate form (Form-7) earmarked for this category need to be filled up

2. Points mentioned in the above two cases (grace marks and credit exemption) are


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