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JNTUH Approval of Grace Marks for B.Tech / B.Pharmacy Students of R16 regulations for the issue of PC

 NTUH The first batch students of R16 regulations had been admitted in the AY 2016-17. Some students shall be falling short of a few marks to pass one or two subjects and by adding a specified grace marks (less than the eligible grace marks) these students pass these one or two subjects and secure sufficient credits to obtain their Provisional Degree Certificate (PC). University gives maximum grace marks which are equal to 0.15% of the total aggregate marks of all subjects of all semesters.

As per R16 regulation, the B. Tech. and B. Pharm. students have to acquire 186 credits out of 192 credits (ref.2). Vide Ref 3 cited above, permission has been accorded to extend this grace marks facility to the students of R16 regulations also.

The total marks in each course and grace marks (upper-bound case) of B. Tech. and B. Pharm. courses of R16 regulations are summarized as follows:
DegreeTotal of max marks in
all eight semesters
Grace-Marks (0.15%)Upper-bound marks

In the context of credit-based detention, a student has to secure 50% of the total credits offered for the promotion from first year to second year and 60% of the total credits for promotion from second to third year as well as third year to fourth year. To give benefit to the students. University accorded permission to consider the credits which are obtained by the above said calculation followed by truncation, instead of rounding (Ref.4) from the year 2018. In similar manner to give benefit to the students it is submitted to take the upper-bound marks as the maximum grace marks.

The permission has been accorded to give upper bound marks, after computation of grace marks to the students of R16 regulations as a onetime exemption in view of Covid-19 situation.

official notification - LINK

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