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JNTUH Guidelines for conducting mid exams and external Lab exams of B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 1-2, 2-2, 3-2 Semesters


JNTUH All Principals are informed to note that the lab external examinations of I-II, II-II and III-II B.Tech/B.Pharm courses should be either conducted at the Parent college or the college which is in the neighborhood of residence of the student. 

In the lines similar to final semester theory exams, the preferences of exam center for writing the lab exams may be collected from the students. These preferences may be uploaded to the University portal on or before 14-11-2020. The B.Tech/B.Pharm colleges may choose to conduct the lab external exams of I-II, II-II, III-II  may be preferably conducted on one single day (one exam in FN and one exam in AN) for each student to give comfort to the students. 

These examination should be scheduled during from 28-11-2020 to 01-12-2020.

The second mid-term examinations B.Tech. / B.Pharm  I-II, II- II, III-II shall be conducted dates

6-10-2020 to 31-10-2020 either in the form of viva exam or in the form of online exam.

If the colleges choose to conduct the viva-exam mode, the following guidelines may be followed: a) Two faculty members should act as examiners for each subject. b) The viva-exam and the evaluation must be done candidate-wise.  c) Two examiners and one student must be in online mode at the same time. d) All the video proceedings must be recorded. e) Each examiner should ask minimum five questions for each student. f) If a student answers a question, to assess the depth of understanding a few ancillary questions on the same question may also be asked. g) The viva exam questions should asses the conceptual understanding of the subject and should be difficult to predict the questions by the student. h) The examiners should evaluate independently and submit their marks to head of the dept. or the section/class in-charge. These marks awarded by  two examiners are to be averaged to compute the marks of Mid-II marks of each student. 

If the colleges choose to conduct the exams in online mode, the colleges may conduct the exams either in descriptive mode or objective mode. The application/platform to conduct the exam and mode of transfer of student answers/answer sheets need to be identified by the individual colleges only. 

There will  be no online classes of odd semesters of B.Tech. / B.Pharm 

from 05-11-2020 to 27-11-2020 due to I-II, II- II, III-II Regular exams. 

The Academic calendars will be modified, accordingly

If any student desires to change the centre, for all such request, Rs 1000/- per candidate per semester exam is to be transferred to Registrar (Exam) account. However, if the new centre is in the same cluster or within a distance of 10 kms, such request will not be entertained. Similarly, if accommodation is not available in any of the opted centers, another college with in the same cluster will be allotted. 

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