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JNTUH New guidelines to conduct online project evaluation cum viva exams for the final semester UG (B.Tech./ B. Pharm.) Students - May 2020

JNTUH (JNTU-Hyderabad) The Faculty members who are appointed as external examiners for project evaluation cum viva exams of IV Year B.Tech/B.Pharm II Sem, are informed to note the following guidelines:

1) All the project evaluation cum viva exams have to be conducted in online (video-conferencing) mode only. These changes in evaluation methods have been necessitated due to the directions from UGC/TSCHE/JNTUH due to COVID-19 pandemic lock-down.

2) All the external project evaluations have to be completed on or before 31-05-2020.

3) The Principal/HoD of the college, for which you had been appointed as external examiner, shall discuss with you about date, session (FN/AN) and the video conferencing platform. The plot-form for the online evaluation shall be mutually agreeable one.

4) One external examiner has been appointed for every batch (section) of around 60 students. There shall be around 20 batches (the exact number of students and number of batches may vary based on the students enrolled and preference of the students to form batches). The evaluation is to be carried-out batch-wise, but marks are to be awarded candidate-wise.

5) The college Principal / HoD shall arrange to send all project reports of all batches of the section by mail to you, for which you are appointed as external examine. You will receive this mail at least one day before the scheduled date of project viva exam.

6) The colleges have been informed that the video mode must be set on at the student terminals while evaluation is being done and all the students must be visible to the evaluation committee during the viva exam. The responsibility of identification of the students of project batches lies with the guides of the respective batches.

7) Due to internet bandwidth problems at the place of residence, some students may not be able to attend for online project evaluation. For such students, a separate session with the same external examiner shall be scheduled at a later date after receiving the list of such students from the Principals of the colleges.

8) The external project viva-voce evaluation marks shall be finalized by the committee and the provision award list shall be uploaded to the exams registration portal from Principals’ login on the day of Project viva-voce exam. The examination branch of the University shall share credentials (username and password) to all the external examiners. Using this service, the external examiners can verify the uploaded marks.

9) The students who are absent shall be categorized as absence due to i) internet problems at his/her place of residence and ii) reasons are not known to HoD. The re-exam shall be conducted only for the first category of students. The HoD of the department shall confirm with the external examiner, the nature of absence of student(s).

10) For all the students who are absent due to first category as said above, a separate schedule will be issued later. The same external examiners have to take the viva exam at the later date (which will be intimated later). After completion of viva-voce exam of such students, their marks should be posted in the provisional award list by the external examiner and then marks of the entire section is to be frozen. Once the marks are frozen the colleges can download the final marks reports. If there are no first category absent students, the marks may be uploaded and frozen on the same day itself.

11) The titles of the project reports (of the students) must be meaningful and self-explanatory. Appropriate titles of the project works shall be made as one parameter for awarding the marks in the external project evaluation.

Your cooperation is highly solicited for the smooth and successful conduct of the project evaluations in online mode.
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