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JNTUH : Ciruclar on Extension of Lockdown till 29th May 2020

In continuation of the University Circulars (2) (4) (6) and (9) cited, the Government of
Telangana have issued orders that the lockdown measures as already in force in Telangana State
vide ref. (1), (3), (5) (7) (8) and ref. (10) cited, that the lockdown has again been extended in the
State of Telangana till 29th May 2020.

Under the circumstances stated above, the Vice-Chancellor has issued following orders to
prevent the spreading of COVID-19 pandemic in the State of Telangana: 

All the Principals of the Constituent/ Affiliated Colleges (Autonomous and NonAutonomous) and Directors of all the Units are requested to observe the lockdown
in their respective Units till 29th May 2020.
ii. Further, it is directed that as and when the services are required, the concerned
Officers/ Staff have to attend for the works.
iii. All the Principals/ Directors are requested to monitor their Office activity through
online/ physically accordingly.
iv. All the Teaching, Non-teaching and Outsourcing staff shall obey the orders of the
concerned Principals/ Directors.
v. All the Teaching, Non-teaching and Outsourcing staff have to follow the guidelines
mentioned by the Government vide ref. read above. 

Official Notification - LINK

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