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JNTUA – Refund of excess Tuition Fee Amount to Mothers’ account

NTUA (JNTU-ANANTAPUR) This is to inform all the Principals and Managements of Engineering Colleges and Pharmacy Colleges that recently the Government of Andhra Pradesh, has sanctioned full tuition fee and reimbursed the fee for the students in 2nd year and subsequent years. However. these students have paid the fee earlier in addition to the reimbursement of the same by Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Thereby, the Colleges which have received excess Tuition Fee reimbursement under Jagananna Vidya Deevena. are hereby instructed to pay back the excess amount collected from these students. to the Mothers' bank account. The Government of Andhra Pradesh as well as the Department of Higher Education are keen to know the status of this pay back (refund) of excess amount paid by the students into their Mothers' account.

In this connection, in order to make the documentation easy and also to compile and retrieve the information in the required form, a php module (programme) is hosted in the Web Portal of JNTUA by name "Fee Reimbursement Management System". All the Principals of the Colleges are hereby directed to open the php module (available in JNTUA webportal) and fill the particulars in the required fields compulsorily. Please submit the same by 5.00 pm of 25.05.2020. This is to be considered as highest priority.

Your cooperation and necessary action are solicited in this regard. If any college has not received Fee Reimbursement or if any College is not empanelled with the Government of AP. the same information may he furnished in Remarks field.

Official Notification - LINK 1
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