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A message from an employee who stuck in Onsite

Hi All
I am stuck in Onsite all alone in one of the most affected country ! Feeling so lonely it's been 20 days I stepped out of my main door. I terribly miss my parents who is all alone in home back in India !
Everything happening around is like a worst nightmare world ever seen. I feel it should be over when we wake up in one morning. If in some cases I got affected by covid-19 and gonna take my breath atleast I should take my last breath in my home seeing my mom.
Covid -19 is not a joke guys and this is more serious than you everythink seeing thousands of people dying around me. I came to know only one thing nothing is permanent in life except your family and loved ones ! Please educate yourself about virus and do follow every steps by government of India and also co-operate. Also please educate some people who don't understand the process. upcoming 21 days are not vacation these are judgement days of India, it's for survival not to party! So please be safe and stay home.
A old lady who always smiles at me while I am going to office is no more ðŸ¥º so when you have your time please smile and when you have time please say sorry and it's never too late. leave work, leave ego, leave tension this is wonderful time to spend as much time with family and to protect them. So please do love them. And if you have someone in foreign countries please talk to them. our own language and our people voice will boost them to be alive.
I am sorry if any grammatical errors, I am typing little emotional.
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