JNTUA B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 1-2,2-2,3-2 Semester & 1st Year Time Tables - Dec 2019

Time Tables for B.Tech & B.Tech (Last Chance) I Year (R09) Supple December 2019 Exams

Time Tables for B.Tech I Year (R13) & I-II (R15) Supple December 2019 Exams

Time Tables for B.Tech & B.Tech (Last Chance) III Year II Sem (R09) Supple December 2019 Exams

Time Tables for B.Tech III Year II Semester (R15 & R13) Supple December 2019 Exams

Time Tables for B.Tech & B.Tech (Last Chance) II Year II Semester (R09) Supple December 2019 Exams

Time Tables for B.Tech II Year II Semester (R15 & R13) Supple December 2019 Exams

Time Tables for B.Pharmacy & B.Pharmacy (Last Chance) I Year, I-II, II-II & III-II (R15, R13 & R09) Supple December 2019 Exams

Note :
  • If the Government declares holiday on any of the above dates, the examinations will be conducted as usual.
  • Any omissions or clashes in this Time Table may please be informed to the undersigned immediately.
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