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JntuH Students Protest for Advance Supple

Note : This is Not Advance Supplementary Examination Notification

A few student's had protested on 8/07/18 at JNTUH Kukatpally to keep advance supplementary examination for R15 & R16 regulation students.

The number of students attended were about 30 members in which 10 of them are tnsf party members.

The convenor made a statement

Only 20 Members need Advance Supplementary? Why should i ?

we don't know the entire converstation, later tnsf leader made a statement saying the convenor has asked time till thursday and notification about advance supplementary has very little chances.

many students are texting and calling me asking what is the update about advance supplementary ?

it's your problem guys u have to fight and have to reach to authorities and ask for justice

evado okadu elli rojantha protest chesi twitter lo tag lu chesi protest chestey adi okkadu kosam vallu enduku react avutharu ??

miku problem vachindhi miru enduku react avatledhu ??

this is the last chance guys
ee week aipothey tarvtha they will not react for any other things

so some of students requested me to post on this for you all

All of you have to make a twitter handle(oka vela lekapothey)

tag @KTR garu and have to tweet about our problem and also mentioning #JNTUHAdvanceSupplementary

This is their target tommorow

Students are requested to share this all their class groups and also request your fellow friends to react on this and atleast tweet in twitter regarding the issue

the hashtag has to be trend in twitter, to trend there should be more than 5000 tweets with hash tag

if this happens tommorow there will be chance of ktr responding on this and there will be a hope

Those who students wanted conduct of advance supple and will react and can come to protest only join this group others avoid

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