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GOOGLE TECH GOOGLE PIXEL Google launches a ‘Made for Google’

Google Assistant Voice is now available in Male Voice & you can switch between the female & male. Change the same in Settings > Preferences.

Google announces the Google Home Mini that’s the smallest Google Home Product with In-built Google Assistant. 3 Colors & Costs just $49.b

Google announces the Google Home Max Speakers for Listening Music at home. Comes with Smart Sound powered with Google AI & Costs $399.

Google announces the Pixelbook with 12.3” Touchscreen Quad HD Display, The 1kg weighing Chromebook with Pixelbook Pen costs $999 onwards

Google announces the all new Google & with 5” & 6” Displays. These phones cost $649 & $849 in the US. Also coming to India

Google announces the New Daydream View in US at $99, that will be available in India at Rs 7,999. Currently under waitlist on Google Store.

Google launches Google Clips. A Camera for Parents, Pet Owners that offers you with AI that’s processed on your Camera itself. Costs $249.

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